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Elastoquip has the experience to assist you in maximizing your opportunity and to profit from the growing market in concrete fences nationally and internationally. Whether you are starting a new business or expanding your existing business, our precast fence Molds are easily adaptable to fit most manufacturing facilities. As the leader in our industry, special care has been taken in the design to ensure ease of use to minimise labour costs.

Our Molds can also be used for production of low-cost housing as you can see on our housing products page.

Sustainable Housing Solutions

We also produce molds for production of low-cost housing.
In developing nations, the fence components are used to construct affordable houses, row houses, schools and hospitals. The size and configurations can be varied to meet the cultural preferences. By utilizing local raw materials and empowering local unskilled labor, the structures can be manufactured and installed quickly to meet the quality, quantity and time requirements of a project.

For more information on Sustainable Housing Molds , click on the Elastoquip Link: https://elastoquip.co.za/the-building-process/

our products

If you are interested in expanding your current concrete business or contemplating a precast manufacturing plan, Elastomold International may be able to assist you. The Elastomold Fence and Housing molds are available to USA and International clientele. The steel forms are designed and manufactured to ensure high quality concrete fence products. Our molds produce fence materials in a variety of textures, including Old Brick, Stacked Stone, Hand Crafted Wood or a Smooth design. These design were specially developed to meet the needs of various projects and regions.

  • Withstands daily use of wet poured concrete, vibration, curing and stripping
  • Features hinged flaps and side closing arms
  • Easy application of form release
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10’ Post Molds, Rails & Cap Molds
  • Post molds are an enclosed unit
  • No leaking or breaking apart required for stripping
  • Various directional posts available
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10’ Post Molds, Rails & Cap Molds
Smooth Multiple Post Mold
  • No breaking apart for stripping
  • Various directional posts available
  • Produces 7 posts per cast
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Smooth Multiple Post Mold
Concrete Palisade Molds
  • All molds are an enclosed unit
  • Main post produces 5 posts per cast
  • Bridging post produces 6 posts per cast
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Concrete Palisade Molds

Why Choose elastomold international

……… And Elastoquip Molds

Elastomold International is the world-wide distributor of ELASTOQUIP Molds -the originator of cassette molds

  • Wide Range of patterns available
  • Molds highly resistant to vibration, concrete abrasion and stripping
  • Elastoquip’s Mold unique urethane formula is one of the few urethanes that is ultra violet and alkaline resistant
  • Unique hinged flaps in the panel mold allow for easy DE molding, exact mold alignment and protection of the urethane
  • Substantial labor cost saving with multiple panel and post molds
  • Consistent panel thickness and uniformity
  • Panels have double-sided textures
  • Various directional posts are available
  • Smooth multiple post molds produce 7 posts per cast
  • Cap molds are fully enclosed to imprint a texture on all sides
  • Modern Palisade Molds allow for 5 posts, 10 Pales and 6 Rails per cast
  • No Heavy Equipment necessary
  • The modularity of the system allows you to easily install around pre-existing structures

Benefits of international purchase

  • Some regions do have not the luxury of sustaining real wood; therefore, our Wood Design is made to look like real wood grain as a wonderful alternative.
  • Replacing a dilapidated fence could improve and protect the surrounding community.
  • Unpredictable weather can quickly deteriorate a wood or plastic fence; but with a precast fence, weather is no longer a concern.
  • A traditional stacked stone wall is beautiful but time consuming. A precast wall produced from the forms we supply can be installed in roughly half the time.
  • Operating the product molds will require manpower, which could potentially bring job 0pportunities to the local production facility.
  • The fences are engineering to withstand wind gusts up to 175pmp – this is especially important in regions that are the brunt of hurricanes and strong winds


The outstanding appearance, texture and absence of a harsh visual connection between the stacked panels is a direct result of our years of precision mold making. That's what your customers will want and that's what our molds deliver.  In addition to the beauty of the fences, your customers will buy your concrete fences because they're maintenance free and stand up to all weather conditions.  Those reasons and price will drive their purchase decision. 

Wood Grain Design

provides the familiarity of wood and displays the texture customers love. Available in vertical

Chicago Brick Design

offers an "old world" charm and ambiance to any setting where brick is desired.

Stacked Stone Design

delivers a feeling that it has been around for a while and is more attractive than cobble stones.

Smooth Finish Design

delivers a modern smooth finish.

Ranch Rail Design

delivers a clean open look that can be used for parks, ranches and equine facilities.

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