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Elastomold International Concrete Palisade Molds

Concrete Palisage Molds

If you are interested in expanding your current concrete business or contemplating a precast manufacturing plan Elastomold International may be able to assist you. The Elastomold Fence and Housing molds are available to USA and International clientele. The steel forms are designed and manufactured to ensure high quality concrete fence products. Our molds produce fence materials in a variety of textures, including Old Brick, Stacked Stone, Hand Crafted Wood or a Smooth design. These design were specially developed to meet the needs of various projects and regions.

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Palisade Molds are a three-component system, including: Main Post, Bridging Rail and Pales.

  • All molds are an enclosed unit
  • Main post produces 5 posts per cast
  • Bridging post produces 6 posts per cast
  • Vertical pales produce 9 to 10 pales per cast
  • No stripping required to de-mold posts
  • Molds tip over on its pivot points to release posts
  • Posts have a smooth concrete finish on all sides of posts
  • No obstruction over pouring surface
  • Bridging posts have tapered pins for ease in assembling finished products

Ready-mix producers and precast manufacturers can easily diversify with molds that are compact and can adapt to most manufacturing operations.

The molds are sold in sets which include: one 12-panel gang mold, two 10′ (3 m) post molds and two panel cap molds.

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